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I made these cuties from a pattern by the talented Maureen Mitchell Mills
I love how they turned out


I can't wait till Spring gets here and the flowers start blooming again.

                                     They are everywhere!!

More Owls, special request.

Critter Update

Updates on the critters, Murphy is getting so big the vet said not to feed him so much. Khloe is fitting in just fine. They both romp around the house like crazy, attacking each other. Quite entertaining at times.

New doggie in the house!

This is Khloe, Miss K  the newest addition to the family. She is a rescued dog from Kentucky. We have only had her for a week so there is a lot to get used to. She only weighs 20 lbs. my other dog Missy weighed  about 60, that is a big difference. I can actually pick Khloe up with out hurting my back.


Our one-eyed pound puppy

RIP.... Wild CAt VelCro