Thank you kindly for stopping by.....

                                            A few of my Christmas creations........

Snowman on a vintage pie tin

                                             Gingerbread man on a vintage grater
                                          Gingies on a wreath
                                                        Snowcone ornies
 This is a special creation.
 My granddaughter who is five drew the horse and
 I made a doll from the drawing.
I am working on her twin sister's piggy.
hope they like them.

I made these cuties from a pattern by the talented Maureen Mitchell Mills
I love how they turned out


I can't wait till Spring gets here and the flowers start blooming again.

                                     They are everywhere!!

More Owls, special request.

Critter Update

Updates on the critters, Murphy is getting so big the vet said not to feed him so much. Khloe is fitting in just fine. They both romp around the house like crazy, attacking each other. Quite entertaining at times.

Rest in Piece my friend

Rest in Piece my friend
Our one-eyed pound puppy

RIP.... Wild CAt VelCro