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More Owls, special request.

Critter Update

Updates on the critters, Murphy is getting so big the vet said not to feed him so much. Khloe is fitting in just fine. They both romp around the house like crazy, attacking each other. Quite entertaining at times.

New doggie in the house!

This is Khloe, Miss K  the newest addition to the family. She is a rescued dog from Kentucky. We have only had her for a week so there is a lot to get used to. She only weighs 20 lbs. my other dog Missy weighed  about 60, that is a big difference. I can actually pick Khloe up with out hurting my back.

How long can a broken heart last?

      I'm going to miss this girl. I am still so sad after finding out my dog had a huge mass by her heart. She was having trouble breathing and seemed to lose weight even though she was eating. She just wasn't herself. So we took her to the vet. Some things you just never want to hear. Nothing they could do. Only 2% chance she might survive the surgery. She was 11 years old. Always healthy till this. Having to say goodbye is so difficult. There was no chance of getting better and she would just suffocate to death. I did not want her to suffer through that. I held her till she took her last breath.
      She was with me when my mom was sick. One of the last few words my mother spoke was to Missy, telling her she was a good dog. And when I spent the last few months with my father she was there with me. Giving me her doggy shoulder to cry on. She  followed me every where I would go. Always close by, under my sewing table, a few times she laid on the sewing machine peddle and the machine would start sewing really fast until I could get her off of it. It wasn't easy to get a 60 lb. sleeping dog to move.

Missy was a rescued dog. She only had  one eye because who ever had her and her litter mates abused them. I wasn't looking for a dog. I just happened to be in Pet's Mart because I just liked looking at the critters there. That day the Franklin County Shelter group was there. I talked to Pat her foster mom. All the other puppies and dogs were getting all the attention. All her litter mates were adopted. No one was looking at her. As soon as I saw this little girl with the swollen eye (because of the surgery)  My heart melted. I felt so sorry for her I wanted to give her a home. So within a week we brought this little one eyed puppy home.
 Missy was such a good dog. She got along with the cats and  my Budgies.  She was my constant companion and my little puppy no matter how big she got.
      I miss the sound  her collar made when the tags jingled together. I miss our sit down and scratch her back at the top of the stairs time, and how happy she was when we came home..  Her begging for treats. Laying in front of the fireplace. Her rooting around in her picnic basket for just the right toy and wanting to play. She slept by my bed, I would always pet her and say good night. 
Now her bed is empty and my heart is broken.
I was blessed to have her in my life.
June 21 2013

On the Edge with Murphy

It's not easy sharing my work table with this guy. He gets so close to the edge of the table that I had to catch him so he wouldn't fall off.  See the yellow fabric there  the left, that is a weighted fabric bag to put scrap fabric and thread that has been cut off. Murph  took a nose dive head first into that little bag, I caught him again. You never know what this kid is up to.
                                                           After his catnap LOOK OUT!
This is one of his favorite lounging spots. I have made my house more cat friendly....trying to save my collectables.  Since he has been here my 11 year old dog is getting much more exercise. They play like kids, every once in a while they get a time out. And to think that having a little kitty would help lower my blood pressure. Ha Ha  Haaa!

My Birthday Gifts

My son and daughter in law got this little guy for me. I named him Murphy , he is a 4 1/2 month old rescued kitty. He is a Russian Blue, totally adorable, cuddly and a ball of energy. My dog and him get along great.  I also have a new laptop from my hubby. My daughter and son in law got me a beautiful rose and flower pot. Lots of great food and cakes. Best of all just being together with all the family.

Murphy named for St. Patty's day and my Irish Appalachian roots. In the pic above he has my camera strap in his mouth. He is a hard subject to photograph.

The life and times of the GIRL!

 Sharing bits of my life, don't know why, I just am.

     I was born in Mansfield Ohio back in the 50's. To the not so proud parents who I will call Dot and Boots. They were never married. I went home with Dot for two weeks and ended up in the Orphanage or Children's Home. I remember riding past that building with my adoptive mom and dad. I knew what it was because they told me, that is where I came from. Now if you ask a child where did you come from it's mommies belly. Not me I came from a creepy old red brick building. I guess to my parents it was a good memory to me not so much.  This is where I ended up, until I was blessed with a mom and dad who gave me their unconditional love. 
     When I hold my new born grand babies, I think to myself, that when I was this little, this age, no one wanted me, so tiny and vulnerable and I hold them a little closer and try not to let my tears fall on their sweet little faces. My new parents took me home to a teeny tiny trailer like Lucy and Ricky  took on vacation.  We lived in the country, right down the hill from my new Grandparents. My mom was a nurse and my father a tire builder. Soon after I was brought home he was laid off work. His new job... Mr. Mom taking care of me while mom put in more hours at the hospital. In a few years with dad back at work they bought a bigger trailer that we lived in till I was 8 years old
     My parents families were so accepting of me. The Grandfather on my mom's side, who I shall call  Grumpy, didn't like me much and I knew this at a young age. He lived with us for a while, what fun that was. He was a tobacco chewing, spitting, crossword puzzle working, demanding old man with his own rocking chair, a coffee can for his spittoon, a dictionary and a parakeet. He called me "The Girl". So unlike my dad's father who called me Girlie with love in his voice. Grandpa was hard of  hearing so we didn't talk much. He was always humming, sounding much like a Native American chant.  He was a farmer and I loved following him all around. We spent many times sitting on the sun porch, him humming his chant while smelling of warm grain.Or if it was a rainy day more like the chicken coop. One time he was seeding a field with a broadcast spreader, the kind  you strap on your chest turn a crank and seeds come flying out. The faster you crank the farther the seed flies. It was time for supper so I went running to tell him. He had his back toward me, and just as I came running up he turned around and before he knew I was there  I was pelleted all over with the seed.  Seeds in my hair, my mouth, seeds in my ears, everywhere! No one told me about that...a lesson learned. 
                                                         The Lucy and Ricky trailer.
                                 Notice the width of it, you are looking at both sides in the photo.


Our one-eyed pound puppy

RIP.... Wild CAt VelCro