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On the Edge with Murphy

It's not easy sharing my work table with this guy. He gets so close to the edge of the table that I had to catch him so he wouldn't fall off.  See the yellow fabric there  the left, that is a weighted fabric bag to put scrap fabric and thread that has been cut off. Murph  took a nose dive head first into that little bag, I caught him again. You never know what this kid is up to.
                                                           After his catnap LOOK OUT!
This is one of his favorite lounging spots. I have made my house more cat friendly....trying to save my collectables.  Since he has been here my 11 year old dog is getting much more exercise. They play like kids, every once in a while they get a time out. And to think that having a little kitty would help lower my blood pressure. Ha Ha  Haaa!

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Rest in Piece my friend

Rest in Piece my friend
Our one-eyed pound puppy

RIP.... Wild CAt VelCro