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There has been so many times in my life I wanted to have a brother or sister, and maybe now more than ever. My dad has been moved to a nursing home for rehab. It is going to be a long hard road ahead for him. It was dark and snowy as I walked to the car having a long day of sitting at the hospital then the nursing home and feeling exhausted from the stress. I began thinking of that brother or sister that I could have shared this with, we could have talked over dad's care and the days ahead for him. Now I know not every sibling gets along with each other. But at least you might have had the opportunity to try. Being an only child is not all candy and roses..that myth is so wrong! Anyway it was a long lonely drive home.

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WillowtreeTreasures said...

My heart hurts for you Bev! I have a sister and this truly hits me because we have been at odds with each over silly things lately and this has made me realize to appreciate her more for my parents are getting up in age and may need help in the future on these grueling decisions. I have to remember that to share it with someone else is a blessing because bareing all the responsibility myself would be ALOT to handle! I'm sure the decisions must be overwhelming! Sending many hugs of support and encouragement during your time of difficulty! Deb

Rest in Piece my friend

Rest in Piece my friend
Our one-eyed pound puppy

RIP.... Wild CAt VelCro