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My Hero My Father. I will miss him...


Aunt 'Reen said...

What a beautiful tribute to your father! I enjoyed reading this very much!
I have chosen the perfect blocks in my dear jane quilt to honor your Dad. I will of course use your fabrics and send you duplicate blocks of them as well!

Much love to you dear Beverly!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Bev I know you miss him. Look at that sweet Doreen, such a dear and thoughtful sister, very nice Doreen.

duendes said...

Hi I visited your blog is very nice
I loved your creations
and also his father is very handsome in that uniform.come visit me at my blog(

WillowtreeTreasures said...

What a distinguished looking man your dad was Bev. You have been a dear daughter to him and saw that his last moments here were not in vain! Just remember he will be with you always in spirit, memories, in your thoughts and forever in your heart! Through you... he will have eternal life on this earth! Many hugs to you in your time of sorrow!

Rest in Piece my friend

Rest in Piece my friend
Our one-eyed pound puppy

RIP.... Wild CAt VelCro